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Unlock Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold Unlock Code

Unlock Blackberry Bold
Unlock These Blackberry Bold Models: 9000, 9650, 9700, 9780, 9790, 9900, 9930

How To Unlock Blackberry Bold

Insert a SIM card from a different provider in your Blackberry. Enter the unlock code when prompted. If Not, Continue to step 1

1. Go to “Advanced system settings” and then select “SIM card”
2. Type “MEPD” (The letters will not appear), a screen will appear.
3. Hold the “ALT” key and type “MEP2″.
4. Type in your unlock code and press “Enter”.
5. You will see a message says “Code accepted”.
6. Your BlackBerry Bold is now unlocked!

When you unlock Blackberry Bold with an unlock code it removes the sim card restriction and allows you to use any GSM sim card in your Blackberry. This is a 100% safe method to unlock Blackberry Bold phones.

About Us Has Provided Fast And Reliable Blackberry Unlock Codes Since 2006. All Unlock Codes Are Delivered Instantly And Come With A Money Back Guarantee.

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Why Unlock?

  • Switch Service Providers
  • Use GSM Sim Cards World Wide
  • Increase The Value Of Your Blackberry
  • Avoid roaming charges
  • 100% Safe And Legal